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Arkadi Monastery

The Holy Monastery of Arkadi (Moni Arkadiou) is a historical Monastery in Crete. It was founded by a monk named Arkadios. The first form of the monastery is probably built during the period 961 to 1014.

The Monastery of Arkadi is located on a small fertile and verdant plateau, in a strategic position on the NW slope of Mount Idi or Psiloritis, above a gorge, which connects the provinces of Rethymno, Mylopotamos and Amari. It is 23 km from the city of Rethymnon and its first complete fortress form was created during the last period of Venetian rule (1210 -1645). The most important part of the Arkadi Monastery is the central two-aisled church, the katholikon, which is dedicated to the Transfiguration of the Savior (the northern aisle), and Agios Konstantinos and Eleni (the southern aisle), which is surrounded by a very thick courtyard wall within which they exist. various ancillary houses. According to the inscription of the bell tower, the two-aisled church of Agios Konstantinos and the Transfiguration of the Savior was erected in 1587. It is therefore a work of the era of Venetian rule on the island, as clearly seen from the abundance of Renaissance architecture that the visitor can locate. This temple is a renovation of a previous one built in the 14th century. On the roofs of these houses there are ramparts (parapet), with watchtowers and rifles. The monastery complex has a rectangular shape with an area of ​​5,200 sq.m.


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