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Athens | Santorini | Mykonos

Athens & Islands

8 days / 7 nights

This travel package combines a journey in Athens’ monuments, roads, neighborhoods, flavors and colors with the experience of visiting two of the most beautiful islands in the world!


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Places & attractions
City of Athens
Athens, one of Europe’s oldest cities invites you on a journey through space and time, a tour of yesterday and today and narrates to us a 6.000 year history of people, monuments, roads, neighborhoods, flavors, smells and colors. A destination to be cherished all year around, so much to discover!
Acropolis Museum
The amazing new Acropolis Museum was built to house every artifact found on the rock and on the surrounding slopes, from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece. It also lies over the ruins of a part of Roman and early Byzantine Athens.
Acropolis of Athens
The Acropolis, a unique UNESCO Monument is located on a flattish-topped rock that rises 150 m (490 ft) above sea level in the city of Athens. A universal symbol of the Classical spirit and civilization, that dominates the city center since 5th cent. BC, the Golden Age of Athens.
Santorini island

Famous for its stunning caldera and the romantic sunset, Santorini with its incomparable beauty, has many sights to visit.
The island holds a wealth of churches and chapels accordant to the Cycladic architecture, beautiful whitewashed and blue-domed, in their majority.

Archaeological site of Acrotiri

Akrotiri was a Cycladic Bronze Age settlement on the volcanic island of Santorini (Thera). The settlement was destroyed in the Theran eruption sometime in the 16th century BC and buried in volcanic ash, which preserved the remains of fine frescoes and many objects and artworks. The settlement has been suggested as a possible inspiration for Plato’s story of Atlantis. 

Mykonos island

Famous for vibrant nightlife and beach parties, Mykonos is known also for its amazing sandy beaches that offer wonderful swims in crystal-clear waters.

Panagia Tourliani Monastery

Founded in 1542, this monastery was built by fugitive monks of the Archontissa of Paros who sought asylum on the island of Mykonos in the place where there originally was an old church of The Virgin. In this area, today, the settlement of Ano Mera has developed.