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Olive Green Hotel Heraclion 4
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Olive Green Hotel, Heraclion


In the heart of the city of Heraklion, Olive Green Hotel stands out with a distinct character. The name consists of two nodal words for the interpretation of hotel’s philosophy and personality that lies beyond. The Olive stands as a symbol of power, eternity, tranquility and prosperity. The Olive is embedded in the entity of Crete through its purity and wildness. On the other side, the color Green represents the ecological and contemporary character of the hotel which implements international sustainability criteria.

Olive Green is an intelligent, conscious, eco-friendly hotel in Heraklion, a prototype for citizens and travelers of the world. With modern infrastructures it combines a cutting-edge technology with the glory of Cretan culture while it gives prominence to all these elements that create eternal values. Its Philosophy is inculcated by the logotype which is inspired from the Minoan icons. The spiral, a symbol of birth, continuity and a universal imprint surrounded by olive leaves.

Olive Green is a hotel with a very distinctive character of its own. It has cultivated a sui generis style through simplicity and individuality aiming to change the way of living in a city hotel.