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Aegean Islands

A group of islands with heavenly blues and piercing whites, golden beaches. Luxurious Santorini, stylish Mykonos and abundant Naxos in the Cyclades and soul-soothing Kos and vibrant Rhodes in the Dodecanese. Also Serifos, Sifnos and Milos or perhaps Karpathos, Symi and Astypalea… as well as others where the feeling of summer goes on and on. Boat trips, walking and culture tours, delicious local products and recipes … and lots and lots of beach-time! All with the generous welcome of locals there. These are the islands like no other!
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geo area aegean islands

Packages including: 
Aegean Islands

Land & Islands
8 days / 7 nights
Athens | Santorini | Mykonos
Athens & Islands

This travel package combines a journey in Athens’ monuments, roads, neighborhoods, flavors and colors with the experience of visiting two of the most beautiful islands in the world!